Welcome to VEN

We are the Visiting Experts’ Network (VEN), a group of scholars from around the world with a wide range of expertise either in or touching on Social Science and Humanities. Members in the network have signaled their willingness to be guest teachers or lecturers in others’ classes on matters of their expertise. In the era of COVID-19, when many of us are teaching online, this is particularly useful—distance is no longer an issue. Meanwhile, we hope it will also be useful when we return to in-person teaching—reports suggest students love to have an “expert guest” in class.

VEN is an infrastructure for academics to connect with people who might be able to help them out with a class session on a specific topic. We hope it will also help scholars find conversation partners and collaborators outside their disciplines. Please use this speaker request form to post your "guest speaker wanted." If you are interested in joining our network as a new member, please fill in this Sign up form, and please note that we do not charge for membership. For privacy concern, all the members will use credentials to access our network directory and Guest Speaker Wanted (GSW) database. Send any feedback/ comment to Stephanie (stephanie@venext.org). If you encounter any technical issues, contact Hart (hart@venext.org).

We don’t have many “rules” here, but here they are:

  1. Feel free to share the sign-up link with anyone you think might benefit or offer expertise to the network—we are happy to have new members.

  2. However, do not share anyone else’s personal information or the spreadsheet itself with people who are not members of the network.

  3. Any financial arrangements (guest lecturer fees, etc.) are between the guest’ and the host’ (or more probably, the host institution). We are simply providing a directory of people who would be willing to appear as a guest.

  4. The only recompense we ask, if you take advantage of the VEN, is that you write a short (1-2 paragraph) report of your guest’s visit to your class and share it with us via e-mail: share@venext.org.

We hope the Visiting Experts’ Network enhances your classes and helps you connect with new colleagues in your discipline and other disciplines!


Stephanie and Hart